Development and Art

Who we are.

With heart and mind to our joint success.

  • R E L I A B L E
    ...we can only be when we are open and honest with each other. We will put no nonsense into your head. We support you on the basis of our experiences, our knowledge and our honest feeling. And you can rely on our commitment.
  • E X C E L L E N T
    ...are all our consulting and implementation services. Judging will be at your judgment. Our high standards in areas such as creativity, technology, design and communication have to meet your needs.
  • F A I R
    ...means to make the best possible out of the circumstances under which a joint project takes place. And these conditions can obviously change.

Our Philosophy.

R E L I A B L E  Â¦  E X C E L L E N T  Â¦  F A I R  -   these words are part of our company logo. They form the basis for our actions.

In the financial world economically successful companies find acknowledgment. Often the way how this success comes about plays a subordinate role. In your private life such a practice would quickly result in loneliness and isolation.

We are deeply convinced that economically successful entrepreneurship, which is based on competence and commitment, must be closely linked to fundamental values of fairness, openness, honesty / sincerity, trust, respect and team spirit.

This is our claim. No more and no less.
Torsten Mühlhoff
Development and Art

The core team.

  • Torsten Mühlhoff

    Application design | Change Management | Demand Management | Design development | Editing | Photo design | Photography | Printing | Programming | Video editing | Web design | Web development | Knowledge Management
  • Harald Mühlhoff

    Demand Management | Hosting | Photo design | Photography | Programming | Virtualization | Web development

The extended core team.

More partners.

Depending on the size and duration of a project and the necessary know-how we confidentially work with other experienced teams of specialists from the fields of development, media and event management who share our values.


Foundation of Development and Art by Torsten Mühlhoff.
Since the foundation there is not much time past. Key milestones in the history of our company, we will publish at this point in future.
Additional superordinate information in the context of our company can also be found in the news category Development and Art - about us.