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Web and Applications

  • You have an idea for an application or you want to create or update your website. Together we talk about your ideas. In close cooperation with you we develop a concrete solution approach. You decide whether we will be your implementation partner. You decide whether we will take over operations and further development for you.

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    Business and technical concept papers

    Before an application can be implemented, it must be designed. This often requires an intensive dialogue with colleagues from the business departments. The business concept is followed - depending on the complexity of an application - by the technical concept including a consideration of the underlying IT architecture. In addition the available budget affects the implementation options.

    The more complex a project is, the more time must be invested in the demand management to develop the final concept. This effort pays off two or three times at the end.


    After a good preparation the actual implementation of an application can often be carried out at a manageable cost using appropriate technologies. The experience in complex projects shows that the continuous realization of well-defined intermediate levels, which can then be discussed together, is very productive. This allows a possibly necessary readjustment of individual requirements and creates mutual trust.


    Websites are your business card into the world. Depending on your business, your self-understanding and your budget a website can be highly different. Sometimes a few pages containing hardly changing company and product information are already sufficient. Another time, a website develops to a complex online application that is updated regularly.